Striking bronze shimmering glass panels enveloping beautiful architecture

Project: Hyatt Regency
Consultant: Meinhardt Facades
Location: New Delhi, India

Stretch your imagination to the limit and we shall translate it to reality! Our unique designer and specialty glass solutions are purposefully tailored to create wonderful architectural masterpieces

MESHDECOLAM (Mesh Laminated glass)

For Partitions, Doors, Windows and Projection Screens

  • Fabric / Metal mesh is assembled between two or more glass panes and laminated with compatible interlayer film
  • Offers unique aesthetic appeal with greater impact resistance and added security
  • Reduces glare and enhances solar heat gain reduction to function as a perfect shading element
  • Special metallic coating offers effective design possibilities and plays of light

VETROSTONE (Onyx Laminated glass)

For Backlit Panels, Cladding, Lobby areas and Curtain Walls

  • A composite glass bonded to a thin layer of natural stone to create translucent stone panels
  • With VETROSTONE, 100% natural stone becomes magnificiently translucent, creating a palette of colours and variations
  • Lightweight construction that is 1/3rd the weight of dimensional stone with enhanced strength and durability


For Partitions, Information Columns, Displays and Light Fixtures

  • In collaboration with Vanceva (USA), DuPon (USA) and Trosifol (Germany), these panels incorporate coloured PVB interlayers between glass lites.
  • A wide-range of colours can be created using one to four different coloured interlayers.
  • Is available in transparent, translucent and opaque forms.


For Facades, Partitions, Fins and Railings

  • These units embed LEDs within a glass system to create a great visually stunning product.
  • Can be custom-designed and is available in various colours.
  • Individual control of LEDs makies flashing effects, running lights and other animation possible.
  • Power supply is completely transparent, resulting in no visible cables or wires.


For Facades, Partitions, Floors and Staircases

  • Incorporates venetian, roller and pleated blinds within an insulated glass assembly.
  • Is available in automated (remotecontrolled), manual and magnetic movement types.
  • Eliminates need for cleaning the blind
    system and ensures dust-free window

MASHRABIYA (Mashrabiya effect in glass)

For Facades, Walls, Ceilings, Partitions and Exterior Screens

  • For Facades, Walls, Ceilings, Partitions and Exterior Screens
  • Offers privacy by allowing someone from the inside to look out without being seen
  • Can create custom designed facades with complete flexibility on pattern, shape, size and colour
  • Available in various constructions as a single laminated pane or an insulated unit

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